As a primary care physician, I am constantly being asked by patients whether they should see a chiropractor for aches and pains. In general, I do not recommend chiropractors. My impression is, after having seen dozens of chiropractors myself and having numerous patients complain of aggravated symptoms after chiropractic care, that many chiropractors only skim the surface of a patient’s complaints, are too aggressive, and try to overmanage problems they aren’t knowledgeable about without being able to recognize insidious signs, thereby going far beyond their scope of practice and putting the patient at risk. HOWEVER, there is one chiropractor who I DO trust to send my patients and friends and who I also have regularly treat myself and my family for pain and to maintain optimal structure as they grow. Dr. Derrick Tang is nothing less than an exceptional practitioner. He is an intelligent mix of chiropractor and physical therapist. He takes an extensive history, knows when to send a patient back to their doctor for further work up, and has excellent bedside manner, but this is not why I set aside time in my crammed schedule to seek him out to relieve my own musculoskeletal issues from stress and scoliosis. Dr. Tang has the gift of intelligent touch, which is not something that can be easily trained. Rather, it is innate. He will find all the somatic dysfunction in your body and treat them expertly. It is difficult to describe what Dr. Tang is able to do without experiencing it for yourself. Therefore, if your doctor has given you the okay to try chiropractic treatment for pain or just for maintenance, please, please, please only go to a reputable and skilled practitioner. Dr. Tang is safe, highly skilled, and trustworthy, and my patients, friends, family, and I can testify that you will be in excellent hands.

John S

Dr. Tang has been treating me for the past several months and I have only amazing things to say!

I was experiencing chronic neck and upper back pain for years (most likely due to years of abuse on my body as a gymnast). I told him that I haven’t seen a chiropractor in a while because I felt like my past experiences left me dependant on chiropractic care rather than working towards not needing it. We sat together and mapped out a treatment schedule that slowly weaned me down to less frequent visits. Right now I am seeing him every couple of weeks for “tune ups” and honestly never felt better.

Dr. Tang is extremely knowledgeable and informative AND he is willing to go out of his way to make his schedule work for you.

Rebecca M. Yelp review

Dr. Tang is the best of the best. I was a Cross Country/Track and Field athlete at the University of California Berkeley, an NCAA Division I school in the Pac 12. I wish that I had seen Dr. Tang while I was competing. I know he would have made a huge difference in my career. His knowledge of the human body and functional movement is astounding. So much of becoming a better athlete is recovering properly, and with Dr. Tang’s experience and knowledge, you’ll recover better than ever. I wish that I had seen Dr. Tang while I was competing. I know he would have made a huge difference in my career.
I highly recommend Dr. Tang to everyone, especially athletes who want an edge to boost their performance. I promise you won’t regret it!!

Sydney G. Yelp review

I highly recommend Dr Tang.
He has really helped my health and overall quality of life.
Im very happy and excited about the progress and service.
He is one of the best professionals in the health industry that you will ever find. Try him, you won’t be disappointed.  Easy, free parking, a great convenient location, and  a potential life changer for you.

He has helped really improved my migraines drastically and as someone who has suffered from this disease since I was a child, I can say that he is definitely an expert.

Also, as a former top athlete- he has basically cured my Achilles tendinitis…. something that I have been suffering from for 6 + years- and I have tried everything including PRP.  But w/ now- Dr Tang,   it is all better.   He really is the best.  A Pro Team will snatch him up soon, so take advantage now.

He is affordable, reasonable , friendly, personable. He listens and is a great person.
You can’t go wrong here.
Thank you Dr Tang.   See you soon!

Max K. Yelp review

Dr. Tang saved my week by his magical methods of healing muscles. Last Friday my lower left Side above my hip went out. I went to Dr. Tang for the first time on a Saturday afternoon and he was friendly and professional and amazing. By the time I left Saturday I was feeling 65% better. Now I am a weekly patient and he actually has a heart for different situations. I would send any of my friends to him great location great staff and a doctor that really knows what he’s doing. Thank you Dr. Tang for making my Uber driving week happen he told me that driving Uber eight hours a day wasn’t helping my condition but with his guidance and healing methods I was able to get back to work Monday.

Dauminique H. Yelp review

I have gone to many many chiropractors and Dr Tang is by far the best. He has treated my neck, knee, back, and foot. I originally saw him for my foot. I fractured my lisfranc which prevented me from running. It took maybe 4 visits for me to start running again. I haven’t had any issues with my foot since Dr Tang treated it. Next treatment was my neck and upper back. I have a stressful job and tense up a lot when I’m typing, tilting my head on the phone and who knows what else. Dr Tang has treated my next every visit to subside the knots I get from constantly being tense. Last but not least he has treated my knee. This is because I started running again because he fixed my foot :). Dr Tang has maybe done 2 treatments on my knee and it bounced back just like that. There is so much more that he does other than being a chiropractor. I highly recommend going to him for any hiccups you have on your body. He will get you back to 100%.

Stephanie F. Yelp review

I am pleased to say the pain that I experienced in my neck and shoulders has improved so much!  Dr. Tang is very thorough with his explanation of what is going on in your body and gives you a lot of tips to improve your quality of life.  He was very friendly, professionals and helpful and worked with me over many months.  I recommend him very highly!

Caroline G. Yelp review

I teach and train martial arts everyday I always have injuries and body pain I haven’t been 100% in a long time I have seen a lot of chiropractors and massage therapists which gained me short term results and after a few days I’ll would feel the same or even worse but once I started to work with dr tang at revision he’s fix my knee,hip,lower back,neck and wrist he’s by far the best that I have ever worked with I highly recommend revision no matter what type of pain or injury you have dr tang can help

Michael V. Yelp review

We underwent a significant ordeal from being exposed to toxic mold which caused horrendous issues. Our bodies were severely effected and we were in constant pain. We discovered Dr. Tang at revision and he has been a life saver. His treatments are phenomenal and the hyperbaric chamber is amazing. I can’t rave enough about how wonderful Dr. Tang is. He is knowledgeable, caring and he makes sure to listen and take care of every issue. I highly recommend him! So many benefits to going for treatment!

Nikki G.

Dr Tang is great. His clinic is very friendly and welcoming. He was able to help me identify my herniated l5-s1 disc and developed a treatment plan to reduce the pain and improve my athletic performance. My experience has been less about chiropractic work/adjustments and focused more on deep tissue massages and sessions on the spinal decompression table. Both have been effective in treating my pain. Note that my pain did get initially get worse before later improving. Seems like my body was adjusting to the treatment.

He was also able to schedule my sessions around my work schedule which has been hugely helpful, even Saturdays! Definitely recommend him.

Mark D. Yelp review

Dr. Tang and his team have been great. Two of my sister’s and I came here and we were so grateful to have found him.

I had 10 session treatment, five with Dr Tang and 5 massage sessions. I was having difficulty with the mid part of my back, my sciatica and lower back. Dr. Tang talked to me, assessed and provided the best care for me.

The team was accommodating around work schedule. Saturday morning massages are great.

I had a great experience during my treatment that I decided to continue to go to Revision to maintain the progress I had done.

You wouldn’t regret coming here.

Flabia M.